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Madam Low, an elderly lady, lives alone in a big bungalow. She prefers to live on her own rather than be a burden on family members who have their own families to take care of. That’s all fine and well, until one day when she misses a step and has a fall in the bathroom. Luckily she survives the fall, but ends up with a fractured leg.
Her mobility compromised, she struggles with her usual daily chores such as cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. She appreciates the help from family members, but would prefer a solution that affords her more independence.
We arrange for a stay-in caregiver to nurse Madam Low and help manage her daily chores.
The caregiver’s responsibilities include:

1 Taking care of her activities of daily living (ADLs)
2 Arranging doctor’s appointments and getting her there and back safely
3 Cooking or ordering takeout
4 Managing payment of bills and utilities
5 Monitoring Madam Low’s recovery and progress, and entering updates on the Care Concierge mobile app, which is accessible by her family members and our Head Nurse

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